A tourist destination close to nature in Hoa Binh

HOA BINH – Only 40 minutes away from Hanoi, La Saveur De Hoa Binh has a rich natural landscape and many entertainment facilities for the family.

For many months now, every weekend, Huy Duc’s family (Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi) has packed up his car to go on vacation. He shared, that in the past, family members were always busy, so they only went on vacation in the summer for their children. Trips usually last 1-2 weeks. However, the appearance of Covid-19 changed his family’s travel habits.

Realizing that quality of life is the most precious thing, recently, Duc and his wife regularly plan weekend trips and spend precious time together. And Hoa Binh is one of his family’s favorite destinations near Hanoi. “I choose Hoa Binh because it meets the criteria of close travel, within 1-2 hours of driving, beautiful natural scenery, quality food and accommodation services and many activities and entertainment facilities. suitable for the whole family such as boating, cycling, walking…”, Mr. Duc said.

Many families come back to nature to regenerate their labor force after a stressful week. Photo: shutterstock

According to the representative of La Saveur De Hoa Binh, the current forms of tourism to nature attract the attention of Hanoians. On weekends, places about 1-2 hours from the capital such as Ba Vi, Tam Dao (Vinh Phuc)… are often overloaded. This shows that the need to return to nature to regenerate labor after a stressful week has been chosen by many people recently.

La Saveur De Hoa Binh has a beautiful natural landscape, chosen by many families in the capital as a destination for weekend vacations. Photo: La Saveur De Hoa Binh

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Especially, with the advantage that it is only 40 minutes away from Hanoi, Hoa Binh is a destination attracting tourists to the capital recently. This place has the advantage of owning terrain that can be exploited for tourism with nature, spanerse terrain: many lakes, many high mountains, streams, waterfalls … suitable for activities such as cycling car, picnic, kayaking… In which, La Saveur De Hoa Binh is chosen by the people of the capital as one of the destinations for family weekend vacations.

“This destination has a rich natural landscape such as rolling hills, dense systems of lakes, rivers and streams, unspoiled beauty and unique ethnic cultures. enjoy and explore the local culture,” said the resort’s representative.

On the green lawns of the resort, families can enjoy and experience many interesting activities. Photo: La Saveur De Hoa Binh

In addition to La Saveur De Hoa Binh , in recent years, tourists also choose Dong Chanh lake to travel and experience. This place impresses with the majestic scenery, the immense lake with a water surface area of ​​up to 80 hectares, suitable for playing water sports. Each green lawn on the background of each green mountain range is a suitable place for Hanoians to return to nature and relieve stress every weekend.

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