Beautiful sunset spots in Hue

Local guide Tran Oi suggests places to watch the sunset in the ancient capital.

Tran Oi (Nguyen Thi Ngoc Tran, 27 years old, Thua Thien – Hue) is a local guide and famous photographer in the Hue tourism community. She suggested beautiful sunset spots that should not be missed when coming here.

Tam Giang Lagoon

Tam Giang Lagoon.

Tran Oi chooses Tam Giang Lagoon as the most beautiful spot to watch both sunrise and sunset. Located about 25 km from Hue City, this place is known as the largest brackish water lagoon in Southeast Asia. “Along the Tam Giang Lagoon, stopping anywhere to watch the sunset is very poetic,” Tran Oi shared. If you want to watch the sunset, experience the life of a fisherman in a fishing village, and enjoy specialties in Hue, tourists should come to My Thanh fishing village. This is also a tourist attraction thanks to the colorful frescoes on the wall of the fisherman’s house.

Thuan An Bridge

Thuan An Bridge.

Thuan An Bridge is the intersection between Thuan An estuary and Tam Giang lagoon. Standing on the bridge, you will see a quiet sunset on Tam Giang Lagoon and a shadow on Thuan An sea. From Thuan An bridge, in the morning you can watch the sunrise towards the sea on the right and in the afternoon watch the sunset towards Tam Giang Lagoon to the left.

Vong Canh Hill

Vong Canh Hill.

Instead of having to travel 25 km to reach Tam Giang Lagoon, you can choose a closer point, Vong Canh hill, still watching the beautiful sunset. Only about 4 km from the city center, tourists will enjoy the romantic afternoon view of Hue city. From the position sitting on the pine hill, you will watch the sunset casting its shadow on the Perfume River.

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Lim Wood Bridge / Truong Tien Bridge / Toa Kham Wharf

Foot of Truong Tien Bridge.

These are three locations located in the same area at the foot of Truong Tien Bridge. Strolling from below the bridge, you can watch the sunset through the bridge. As a photographer, Tran Oi said that on hot sunny days, photography enthusiasts can capture a very special scene of sunset clouds directly down the Perfume River.

Vy Da Village

Vi Da Village.

The most beautiful place to watch the sunset in Vi Da village is the rock dam or Vi Da bridge. From this position, in the hot summer afternoon, there will be dark and red rays of the sky. The scene makes anyone flutter before the real-life beauty of the once-glorious destination.

Thien Mu Pagoda

In front of Thien Mu pagoda.

Sitting at Thien Mu pagoda wharf, enjoying a cup of tofu and watching the sun fade behind the Truong Son range is an experience anyone coming to Hue should try. Sunset at Thien Mu pagoda is like a watercolor painting, both poetic and quiet. This is also a place chosen by many travel agencies in the journey to watch the sunset when coming to Hue.

Photo: Tran Oi

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