Collect billions from small birds like holding hands, laying eggs, “it’s over”

The land of Dam B’ri commune, Bao Loc city (Lam Dong province) is inherently green with strawberry gardens and immense coffee hills. In the middle of that cultivated land, there have been many more effective breeding models, giving high incomes.

Mr. Nguyen Van Lam inspects the cage for raising super-egg quail at the family’s quail farm in Hamlet 4, Dam B’ri commune (Bao Loc city, Lam Dong province).

Mr. Nguyen Van Lam’s family, in Hamlet 4, Dam B’ri commune, is also attached to mulberry trees, coffee trees and some fruit trees. But with the precarious coffee price, Mr. Lam decided to change direction, raising a livestock breed for high economic efficiency in the locality. It is a super egg quail, a breed of quail specializing in eggs with a high rate, which is favored by the market.

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Bringing guests to visit the quail house is not too large, Mr. Nguyen Van Lam introduced, just over a hundred square meters, he is raising 12,000 quails who are laying eggs. He also has a similar house, with a scale of 20,000 super eggs.

What is quite special is that the quail cage was built by Mr. Lam up to 6 floors, so it only takes a fairly small area to raise many quails. According to Mr. Lam, the quail roof is quite small, the area only needs very little. It is important that between the floors of the barn, there should be a net as well as a floor to prevent feces and waste of quails to be satisfactory.

After many years of raising quail with super eggs, Mr. Nguyen Van Lam shared, quail is a very easy poultry breed. Like him, just buy ready-made quail seeds to take care of, after 45 – 50 days, quails will start to breed. Because it is a super egg quail, the laying rate of quail is very high, a female quail can reproduce continuously for 300 days.

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Mr. Lam commented: “Super egg quail eat little, lay a lot, are easy to raise. As my family feeds well, takes good care of, the laying rate of quail can be up to 90-92%. With 32,000 hens, can give up to 25,000 eggs / day, every morning we collect eggs to provide traders.” Eggs are placed in the basket, the number of eggs has been determined, the weight is correct, the trader only needs to count the basket to pay.

According to Mr. Nguyen Van Lam, super egg quail is a suitable pet for farmers. Mr. Lam shared that quail cages can be built or rented easily and cheaply. Quail breed has no eyes, the cost of food is not high, and quail also have few diseases that need to be treated. The area of ​​the cage does not need to be too large, making a quail farm is not difficult for farmers.

In particular, quails are harvested very quickly, after less than 2 months, the quails have started to give eggs continuously. Egg prices are also quite good, traders come to their homes to buy them for 35-40 thousand VND/kg, farmers are very convenient in consumption.

Particularly for his family’s quail cage, after deducting all expenses, he also earns 70-80 million VND/month. After the egg laying cycle is 9 – 10 months, when the quail is old, the egg laying rate is low and can be sold for meat. Quail can be collected to give to coffee gardens, avocado gardens or sold to farmers as organic fertilizer, which is very good for the soil.

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However, Mr. Nguyen Van Lam also shared his experience of raising quail. According to him, the quail cage does not need to be too spacious, but it must be clean and hygienic. Breeding houses must ensure ventilation, have many open doors to cool down when it’s hot, and light bulbs when it’s cold. Quail cages must be cleaned daily, ensuring quails live in a clean and hygienic environment , avoiding intestinal diseases that can easily cause quails to die.

The amount of food does not need to be too much, causing excess food. But water must be provided for quails to drink, so Mr. Lam built an automatic drinking water system to ensure quails have enough drinking water; At the same time, there is no excess water, long-term storage water.

Mr. Nham Duc Phong – Chairman of the Veterans Association of Dam B’ri shared, Mr. Nguyen Van Lam is a typical good economic veteran of the locality. With the quail breeding farm to lay eggs, veteran Nguyen Van Lam has an income of approximately 1 billion VND/year, creating jobs for 2-3 local  workers .

At the same time, Mr. Nguyen Van Lam also enthusiastically participates in activities of the Association, the community of Hamlet 4 as well as of Dam B’ri commune, contributing to building Dam B’ri commune into a new rural commune. . For relatives, the family of veteran Nguyen Van Lam is also an example of good child rearing, their children are educated and grown up.

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