Da Lat pink season

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The persimmon season has begun for half a month, the fruit gradually turns yellow, and in October, it will be red and sweet.

Pham Kim Nhan, 27 years old, is a Saigon boy who loves Da Lat . Nhan has been living in this city for 4 years. From the end of August, at the beginning of the pink season, he carried his camera around the persimmon growing areas in Da Lat to take pictures.

The beautiful places to shoot persimmons, according to Nhan, are the area along the road of Cau Dat tea hill , people’s gardens and some coffee shops such as Tom’s Rose Garden, Moc Tra Farm coffee, Ong Thang’s Rose Garden… Nhan also added that near Tuyen Lam there are also roses to take pictures, but this place is far away.

The persimmon season begins at the end of August and ends at the end of November and the beginning of December. Therefore, from this time on, visitors to Da Lat can enjoy “virtual living” with fruit-laden persimmon branches.

According to local people, this year lost the persimmon season. Like every year, the persimmon branches are still wrong, bearing much more fruit. The yellow fruits are still acrid, guests should only eat the red ripe fruits, soft hands are sweet.

As a photographer, often taking guests to take videos and take photos of beautiful places in Da Lat, Nhan suggested that guests should take photos of roses when it is not sunny. Because when the sun is up, the pink leaves on the photo are turned yellow, easily confused with the color of the fruit.

Da Lat persimmon is famous throughout the country for its deliciousness and sweetness. Wind hanging persimmon is also a specialty that many people love to buy as gifts when traveling here, besides fruit jams, fruits and syrups.

Nhan went to photograph pink on a sunny day in late August with a group of friends. Some persimmons on the tree have turned ripe and red and are picked by friends to eat.

Picking persimmons is an experience that many people love, besides capturing the “virtual living” lobby in the garden. In addition to buying fruit to eat, visitors also love to buy fruit-laden persimmon branches to bring home to decorate and decorate tables.

Pink season is considered as one of the five special seasons in Dalat at the end of the year, attracting the attention of tourists. The remaining four seasons are wild sunflowers , pink grass , cherry apricots , cloud hunting and dew.

Photo: Pham Kim Nhan

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