Raising wild birds, feeding wild vegetables in the garden, selling 500,000 VND/bird as a specialty

The lesser whistling duck is a wild bird but easy to tame, and many families raise a high income.

The lesser whistling duck bird is also known as the blue-necked duck. This species lives wild in the wild

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In terms of appearance, the lesser whistling duck has a long beak, two wings and a tail with chestnut brown patches, so it is easy to identify in the natural environment.

In Vietnam, the lesser whistling duck bird occurs a lot in the Mekong Delta

Flesh meat and eggs are considered nutritious specialties, and have the ability to restore health and enhance vitality.

lesser whistling duck is also known as the “advance king” dish, previously only kings could enjoy it.

lesser whistling duck is quite expensive, from 500,000 – 600,000 VND / animal with an average weight of 500 – 600g, but very rare.

Currently, many families have expanded the lesser whistling duck bird farming model and brought in a significant source of income

Raising lesser whistling duck is not too complicated, the main food is weed vegetables in the garden, fish hearts, shrimp, rice, so the meat is sweet and delicious.

Not only a simple food source, but also very easy to take care of, less susceptible to minor diseases like common livestock and poultry.

Some households in Ca Mau, Hau Giang, and An Giang have earned hundreds of millions of dong a year by taming and raising the lesser whistling duck.

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