The acrid plant that is often used for drinking becomes a sought-after ornamental plant

Recently, in the garden houses in Vinh city, Nghe An province appeared a unique and strange product attracted the attention of many people. Those are ancient tea roots brought from the Thai Nguyen province to Nghe An. The ancient tea trees became luxurious ornamental plants, selling well despite the very “expensive” price.

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Mr. Nguyen Van Huong – a garden owner in Nghi An commune, Vinh city, said that now this ancient tea tree attracts a lot of buyers, even though the price is quite high.

Currently, many gardeners in Nghe An trade Thai Nguyen’s famous ancient tea tree as ornamental plants (Photo: NP).

The ancient tea trees have a diameter of 20-40cm, the trunk grows a lot of moss (Photo: NP).

“Those are 10-40 years old tea trees brought from Thai Nguyen province and the northern mountainous region. To the people of Nghe, they are very fond of this ancient tea tree. The tree has a diameter of 20-40cm. , cost 20-40 million VND / tree and the foliage must be beautiful and mossy …”, Mr. Huong shared.

According to Mr. Huong, bringing these ancient tea plants to Nghe An, the garden owners also took a lot of time. “Ancient tea trees must be cut off before being transported, removing all leaves and especially not breaking the pot. Then they are transported by specialized vehicles. In the garden, these ancient tea trees are dug holes for planting and left undisturbed. add sand to cool, then cover carefully, if negligent, the tree is easy to die,” Huong shared.

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Ancient tea trees bought as ornamental plants are quite popular among families in Vinh city (Photo: NP).

The ancient tea tree is planted in a shady place, avoiding direct sunlight for early root growth.

“When planting, there must be a root stimulant, and it takes months for the tea plant to grow again before it starts to bud again,” Huong said.

According to gardeners in Nghi An commune, the ancient tea roots collected in Thai Nguyen are decades old.

Tea plants are not only ornamental but the leaves can also be used to cook drinking water (Photo: NP).

“These ancient tea trees are quite suitable for the weather and climate in Nghe An. Recently, many people in Vinh city and the surrounding area are very fond of this plant because they both grow it for decoration and pick leaves. Cooking water is very good,” said Hoang Huu Trung – an owner of a bonsai garden in Nghi Phu commune, Vinh city.

According to Mr. Trung, the tea trees found and bought are all single-stemmed, 4-6m high, over 1m tall, very beautiful.

The ancient tea trees have tall, big trunks, beautiful canopy… (Photo: NP).

When customers have a need, the dealer will carefully advise the family’s yard and garden space to choose the right tree. And now, playing ornamental tea has become a fashion for many families in Vinh city.

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