What secret makes 9X girl sell 10,000 boxes of crab soup “fast as lightning”

Southern taste

Not only investing in dishes, but Huyen is also important in how to serve customers so that it is unique and close (Photo: Nguyen Vy).

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Before selling, the crab soup shop on Vo Van Tan Street (District 3, Ho Chi Minh City) had 2 or 3 people queuing to buy the first hot soup. This soup shop was opened 4 years ago, through the skillful hands of two sisters Nguyen Huyen and Nguyen Thi Bich Phuong (both 33 years old).

Diners here are mostly “gut” customers, eating from the time the soup shop starts with simple ingredients. Many people not only love the bold Southern flavor but are also impressed with the “strange” service of the two owners.

“We split up, each person stood to sell for a week. Many people who had just eaten for the first time were also surprised, and thought they were going to the wrong shop. But then they supported even more because they liked the way we talked and had customers. He also considers the shop owner as a close friend,” Huyen said.

At 7am every day, Huyen gets up early to cook soup. The ingredients were meticulously prepared by her the night before. The above quantity can sell 300 meals, especially on weekends and holidays, Ms. Huyen sells non-stop, serving more than the above-mentioned number.

Before the goods were ready, many diners came to buy crab soup with a “strange” taste (Photo: Nguyen Vy).

“When it first opened for sale, the shop was not crowded because there was nothing special. After about a month, I thought of the botanical quail eggs, many young people found it strange, so they came to try it and became “familiar friends” 4 last year,” said the shopkeeper with a smile.

From 8 am, diners have come to the soup, making Ms. Huyen constantly scoop up the soup. The dish ranges from 22,000 to 55,000 VND depending on the topping, the most expensive will be full of crabs, botanical duck eggs, regular quail and herbs, etc.

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Learning the secret from her sister, Huyen knows how to measure flour, keep the fire so that the consistency of the soup is perfect. Diners when eating will feel the sweetness, then the salty and then the slightly spicy taste of chili. Botanical eggs are not too strong, but still retain the rich flavor.

Diners said that they like the soup here because it retains the consistency of water. The crab meat is not mushy, and the herbal eggs are not too hot (Photo: Nguyen Vy).

Instead of bone stew like other shops, the crab soup here is stewed according to Huyen’s own secret. Not only that, many people “love” herbal duck eggs but can’t eat them all, can choose to eat herbal quail eggs. Huyen said that this is the ingredient she was introduced to by a friend, also the “secret” of the restaurant’s customers.

“The shop sold on the delivery app is the majority, but there are still regular customers and tourists who come to eat often. If I see anyone in difficulty, I will actively scoop a little more so that they can be full,” Huyen confided. White.

Instead of having to eat all the botanical duck eggs, diners can choose to eat quail eggs to reduce the taste, chew crunchy for fun (Nguyen Vy).

Previously, Huyen moved the premises because the space was not enough to serve guests. Huyen was the first to open a sale in a small alley. Seeing that trading is expensive, many households around also started selling crab soup like Huyen. However, due to not having a unique secret, many shops had to “give up” to the first crab soup shop in the alley.

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From wandering the market to the owner of the soup shop

Previously, Nguyen Huyen graduated in Accounting and worked for a few years at the company. Seeing the boring job, salary “three piles, three dong”, Huyen decided to open a bakery and sell it to acquaintances. However, without the knowledge and understanding of this field, the technology at that time was not yet developed, so it was difficult for Huyen to expand the brand.

Saving a small amount of money when selling cakes, Huyen followed her sister to learn how to cook soup and then invited acquaintances to try it. At first, her family was quite surprised when Huyen quit her stable job to start a business. But after tasting Huyen’s soup, everyone understood why.

Understanding the hardships of her parents, Huyen took it as a motivation to try (Photo: Nguyen Vy).

Starting everything with a capital of 6 million dong, Huyen worked hard in business regardless of rain or shine. From zero, Huyen has now become a soup shop owner with an income many people dream of.

The 9X girl confided that all of the above efforts came from the hardships and hardships that Huyen and her parents had experienced. Huyen’s mother was from Dong Nai, and she fell in love with her father and moved to Ho Chi Minh City to settle down.

Thirty years ago, the family was poor, Huyen’s mother was pregnant with her first child, but still had to ride a bicycle to carry pig intestines for termites in the market. Not long after that, she gave birth to Huyen, but her life was not very well off. Huyen slept in the car, roamed the market with her parents to hope to escape poverty.

Many people passing by felt hurt and bought support. Huyen’s parents have a gentle and open personality, so they are also more popular, gradually building a stable shop. By the time the second child was born, it was normal for a sales establishment to sell only a few pigs a day, now selling several hundred.

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Although life is hard, Huyen’s parents still take care of their children to go to school. As the eldest of two younger brothers, Huyen was the first and only child to witness the family’s poverty. Sometimes being a girl should feel sorry for herself, Huyen quickly calmed down because she was grateful for the merits of her parents.

“My parents are the people who inspire and motivate me a lot. Both of them are always supportive no matter what I do, sometimes they are worried because they understand how hard it is to start a business. Just sell slower than today. After only a few parts, parents know and comfort them,” Huyen confided.

Remembering the first time when it was not crowded, sometimes Huyen wanted to give up. In a day of selling from 7am to 10pm without running out of soup, Huyen wanted to cry because she was so helpless. At that time, when Huyen’s parents passed by, they immediately “bought” a pot of soup to give to family members to eat.

Many people questioned why Huyen did not come back to work for the family company, the girl quickly laughed and explained: “I myself want to walk on my own feet, to better understand the hardships of my parents when Besides, the job of making pigs’ hearts is too hard, I think I would be suitable for another job.”

In the near future, the 9X girl plans to open another branch to serve many diners who want to eat on the spot.

Photo: Internet (vinlove.net)

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